Is Power BI in demand in 2024?

A no BS rundown of the Power BI job market. Ready?

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The Good News

Power BI is still the winning horse, it’s running away from Tableau, taking its market share.

The Bad News

I’ve seen a monthly decline in jobs with “Power BI” mentioned. It’s part of a broader slow down in global economies in conjunction with layoffs in the tech sector.

Here is a list of big company layoffs.

Another factor - Companies trying to get more out of existing staff. This reddit post below sums it up.

I’ve seen this myself. Many job descriptions are for Data Engineers, but with “Power BI” responsibilities.

The matrix of skills between professions is starting to breaking down.

AI Worries

I hear people worried about AI taking over Data Analytics.
I’m not worried… reasons why:

1. We’ll see a 1000’s of X increase in the amount of data collected, a lot of which will need to be transformed to make it usable by AI.

2. Tons of legacy data that has to be wrangled to make it usable.

3. Analysts with domain knowledge are deadly.

4. Ethical considerations will need to be managed by humans (Potential biases, Data Privacy)

5. Data storytelling – presenting insights in a compelling manner.

6. Collaboration – Can work closely with diverse stakeholders.

“But ChatGPT can now produce visualizations from data”

Random social media person, who knows nothing about data

Yes, and where do you think the datasets came from? They’ve ALREADY been WRANGLED AND TRANSFORMED by an Engineer or Analyst before getting anywhere near AI.

Bottom Line

Add some cloud skills to your arsenal. Azure, AWS etc. Learn to build data pipelines in the cloud.

You’re on the winning horse with Power BI. Double down on improving your skillset. When the job market picks up, you’ll be in a prime position.

Cheers Shano

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