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You'll Get More Job Interviews with a Power BI Certification

Power BI job ads are increasing. Are you positioned to take advantage of the trend?

Through my business I’ve dealt with 100’s of Analysts, many of them before and after getting the Power BI Certification. My anecdotal observation is that you’ll get far more phone calls for interviews if you have the Power BI certification.

Taken from a job ad in the UK

Having this near the top of your resume, opens doors.

I notice online, there are some who disparage industry certifications. As in, “Well, that doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing”.

Yes, of course in some cases that may be true. My claim is very simple. By having the certification, more people call you for interviews.

More calls for interviews = more opportunities = more job offers.

That’s it.

Personally, I’ve done 3 certs this year. PL-300, AZ-900, DP-203. I definitely learnt a lot, even though I’ve been using this tech for years. I found that preparing for the certs forced me to learn parts of a platform that I wouldn’t normally use. (or rarely use)

The first certification an Analyst should do is the Power BI Data Analyst Associate PL-300. Here I wrote about how I prepared and passed it.

Even I think this job ad below from CareerBuilder USA is sort of crazy.

You’ll notice when looking at job ads, there are always several other technologies mentioned. I’d recommend a few of these certifications.

• Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900

• Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

• Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate DP-500

• Azure Data Engineer Associate DP-203

Power BI Growth

Power Bi has exploded in popularity. Recently, I wrote this article on why this has happened.

Have a look at the growth on Google Trends.

Basically, Microsoft are taking massive market share in the business productivity space, and this is feeding into their Analytics offerings.

This popularity is also seen in the job market.

USA: Power BI jobs – 21,290

Australia: Power BI jobs – 3,239

UK Power: BI Jobs - 4,151

Microsoft Azure Growth

I never thought I’d write this, but Azure is catching up to AWS in market share. Have a read of this article breaking down how they are doing it.

Azure is deeply integrated into the full suite of Microsoft services.

If you’re using Power BI, then Azure is the natural cloud service you should learn. If you’re already deep into the AWS technology stack, then I’d go deeper and get some of their certifications.

All the best. Cheers Shano.

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