Power BI Exam: PL-300 Update

Some important changes have been made to the PL-300 exam

Biggest Change: You now have access to the MS Learn site, i.e. it’s an “open book” exam.

This really isn’t what it seems. There is still that time limit of 100 minutes. Here is a nice short video from John Savill explaining the change.

I’ve had direct feedback from several contacts that have sat the exam in the last 6 weeks. This is what they’ve told me.

1. If you don’t know an answer, just mark it as “Review Later”. There is nowhere near enough time to look up every question. At the end of the exam, go through any remaining questions using MS Learn.

2. Practice using MS Learn before the exam.

This might not be obvious, but the site can be confusing as hell. Knowing where things are quickly, will help you.

3. This is a big one. The online PearsonVue exam software is buggy as hell. I personally have had it shut down twice in the middle of an exam. It continually checks for any software running in the background, and if it detects anything it stops the exam.

The problem is that there’s always some random process running in the background on Microsoft machines. Here is a reddit post on this matter.

The main advice is to open MS Learn and keep it open, and don’t mess with the size or settings after you’ve opened it.

Here was the official announcement from Microsoft about the MS Learn change.

The 6th of Feb 2024 exam updates table:

Good luck and if you’ve sat any Microsoft exam recently, let me know your experience with it - good or bad.

Here is the post I wrote about how I passed the exam. https://www.analystlaunch.com/p/how-to-pass-the-power-bi-data-analyst-exam-pl-300

Cheers Shano.

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